Kamis, 15 Oktober 2015

How To Wear Lipstick Correct

lipstick is the most important thing to beautify a woman's face. The use of lipstick on the lips is able to provide instant changes to the face. There are a variety of lipstick colors that you can choose. However, it should be supported by the use of the right way to make it more perfect.

Here is the correct way to wear lipstick.

1. To use the right lipstick, the first to be considered is the type of lipstick. Before using Pastika lipsticks according to the event that you will visit. In use, the application starts from the upper lip first.

2. Next is applied lipstick in the middle area of the lower lip. Flatten and slowly so as not to pass through the lip line.

3. Once the center of the enclosed back to the top and apply lipstick on the lips. You can use a lip brush. This is an important part that you terlehat more beautiful. Make sure you start from the tip of the lip towards the cupid's bow.

4. For the central part of which has not been covered in lipstick, point the brush on the tip of the lips towards the middle of the lower lip. See whether it is flat or not.

That's the correct way to use lipstick. According to beauty experts, the use of lipstick that really will make a woman look beautiful and more confident.

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Causes of Sudden Death In Humans

No man knows when dying to see him. Today many people are shocked by the death of the sudden someone. Even so, it turns out that death can be caused by several things contained in the body, where the organ is no longer able to return to function. Causes of body organs can become dysfunctional because of internal and external factors. So that's why as someone very important to know the signs and symptoms that will be experienced by a person. Now for more details, here we will discuss about the cause of sudden death in humans!

This is the Cause of Sudden Death In manuasia

Causes of sudden death are experienced by humans is due to overdose or taking the drug excess. Usually in the case inin often associated with illicit drugs such as drugs and other similar.

Depression Overload
Depression or stress may be much experienced by everyone, but the things you need to know. Never underestimate the slightest stress, due to excessive stress or depression that can lead to death.

Blockage of the blood vessels
Last cause of sudden death is a blockage in the blood vessels. The body does need a blood supply on a regular basis every day. However, if these needs are not met then it will be bad fatal namely a death.

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Tips Determine Sex of the Baby Without ultrasound

Specify and determine the sex of the fetus when still in the womb is indeed one of the things that is often done by most parents are already looking forward to the birth. Especially with these days that has been equipped with sophisticated equipment, it does not make things difficult. Unlike the old days, although such ancient remains can predict the sex of the baby, even without ultrasound is like today. Of course you curious ,, right? Well here it will be explained about troubleshooting determine baby's gender without ultrasound.

How to Determine the sex banyi without ultrasound

First, the ancients often saw the tada in pregnant women were at the beginning of her pregnancy cravings. First public believe that will give birth to a baby girl pregnant mother definitely on the mark with nyidam sweets, fruit, orange juice and others. And if a baby boy pregnant women tend nyidam acidic foods, salty and protein-containing foods such as meat.
Second, judging from his appearance. If the appearance of pregnant women do not look pretty to eat aka baby is born with female sex and vice versa.
Thirdly, the shape of the abdomen when pregnant. Belly shape can also be a sign for example if the content is more prominent belly shape round the babies born baby female gender. While the shape of a rounded belly taper the male gender-lak.

The above tips can be as a reference when you jadilkan beginning of your pregnancy. But if you do not believe it can directly do with the examination with the aid of ultrasound.

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Rabu, 14 Oktober 2015

Disorders Often Staring Mobile Screen

In addition to the computer screen, the everyday people today are not able to escape from technology such as smartphones. But you need to know if these habits will damage the health of your eyes.

Currently there is no research that says if the mobile phone screen will cause permanent eye damage. But if you stare at the phone screen for hours can cause damage to the meta as disclosed Dr. Richard Shugarman, sepesialis eye doctor University of Miami, USA.

Until now, many are not aware of the causes of the eye. They prefer to see a doctor to determine the disease. Though the discomfort often caused by too long in front of the phone screen. Here are gangguna often dialamai.

1. Headache. Phone screen with high contrast mampi cause headaches. According Shugarman, read the dark with a bright background are able to make a muscle spasm in the eye so that it will cause headaches.

2. Dry eye. When the eyes often move routine eye will blink several times. But if you look at a short distance away, the eyes blink and will rarely lead to dry eye.

3. Eyes strained. Spending long hours in front of the phone screen will make the eye muscles tense and cause dizziness. The fix you rested several times in one hour.

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Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015

Most Haunted Places in Indonesia

In Indonesia is very famous for its culture and traditions. In addition, Indonesia is also very well known by the mystical tourist destinations. Almost every corner of the cities in Indonesia have a mystical story behind it. Do you already know about the most famous haunted places in Indonesia? If, not, then of that at this time we will describe the most haunted places in Indonesia '. So where are these haunted places? Here's the explanation!

Most Haunted Places in Indonesia

Awful place in Jakarta

The most haunted place which first was in the city. City that has been known to be jammed many places that holds mystical in it. Among them is the house pndok beautiful, alligator hole, trowongan casablanca, rail crossings and bridges ancol bintaro.

Anker place in Bandung

Bandung is one city that has a myriad of attractions in it. But besides that, Bandung also has a lot of mystical tour. Among belandan cave and cave japan, ITB, Siliwangi street, house ambulances, and SMAN 3 and 5 Bandung.

Other Awful place

Besides the two cities that have been disebitkan above, maih tetrdapat other haunted places such as mace sewu yanng located in Semarang, Yogyakarta volcano, SMA monument poor and Bogor botanical garden.

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Best and Famous Brand Cosmetics 2015

Cosmetics can not be separated in the life of either women or men. Everyday someone, especially a woman can not be separated with his name cosmetics, because they are the cosmetics according to the media to make them look beautiful all day.

According to the survey the majority of cosmetics has great influence to human life with cosmetics because they can increase the light in a person, reveal the attraction and trust. The following will explain meneganai some of the best cosmetic and herb in 2015

Best Cosmetic and Famous Brand in 2015


Make-up Art Cosmetic or MAC is a cosmetic brand in the world's most gterkenal. By having a product that is of very high, can be used for various skin types. The advantage of this many MAC cosmetics provide many variants of colors, especially shades of skin color for eyes, lipstick, nail polish and mascara.


This cosmetic product is an international product which has been famous for its various products with high quality. This cosmetic product is not in doubt because the product is truly visionary. Lacome provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for all products-produknyaa.


Cosmetics is the oldest cosmetics. Revlon many offer a variety of products including make-up, fragrances and personal care products. Besides the quality of cosmetics is unquestionable back because Revlon has proven that high-quality cosmetics.

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Wisata Batu Akik di Sungai Klawing Purbalingga

Apakah Anda penyuka batu akik? Prbalingga adalah tempat yang tepat untuk Anda kunjungi. Salah satu kabutpaten di Jawa Tengah ini memilki banyak motig tentang batu akik. Di sini Anda juga dapat melihat langsung cara memproses bongkahan batu akik menjadi cincin yang siap jual. Pencarian batu akik dimulai dari sungai Klawing. Sungai ini memnjadi populer setelah batu akik booming.

Sungai Klawing merupakan surga bagi para pecinta batu mulia. Beongkahan batu mulia asal sungai Klawing mampu diubah menjadi perhiasan berupa cincin, mata gelang, dan liontin. Bongkahan batu asal sungai ini memilki ciri khusus. Biasanya memilki warna hijau bercampur merah. Jenis batu ini bernama nagasui. Menurut pecinta batu akik, nagasui merupakan batu klawing yang menjadi andalan masyarakat Purbalingga.

Selain nagasui, sungai Klawing juga terkenal menghasilkan batu pancawarna, motif telur kodok, dan badar lumut. Untuk harga cukup beragam, dimulai dari Rp 50 ribu per bongkahan hingga Rp 350 ribu.

Bongkahan batu mulia tersebut kemudian dipotong degan berbagai ukuran kemudian dicuci bersih dan siap untuk diproses menjadi mata cincin ataupun liontin. Ada tiga sentra penjualan batu akaik di Purbalingga, yaitu di kecamatan Bobotsari, Bukateja, dan Bancar.

Sentra batu akik di wilayah Purbalingga lebih menawarkan batu asal sungai Klawing. Ada beberapa motif yang menarik dan bisa Anda pilih dari harga puluhan ribu hingga jutaan rupah.

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